German Friendships

International understanding on horseback - the German Friendships are a special kind of show which was launched in 1999 and has been bringing together young riders from all over the world every two years ever since.

"Friendships, not championships" is the motto of this unforgettable show. Jamaica teams up with Lower Saxony, South Africa and Bavaria gallop together around the course, while Russia and Westphalia make a perfect duo. The tournament is unique. All the riders in the German Friendships take part in teams consisting of a German rider and a guest from a foreign country - training and competing together, and of course celebrating their successes together.

Year after year the German Friendships generate enthusiasm amongst all participants, trainers, spectators and sponsors because here, "international understanding" and "intercultural partnership" are not empty words - instead they are enacted every minute of every day, in the joint training, in the show arena, during conversations around the stables or at one of the evening parties.