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The dedication and commitment of Lars‘s parents, Ulrich and Friederike Meyer zu Bexten, provided the foundation of the Bexter Hof’s present appearance. Together with Lars and his long-time input, they have given the Bexter Hof their signature – a signature that represents many innovative changes.  

Familie Meyer zu Bexten

Ulrich Meyer zu Bexten Magister

Together with many fantastic horses such as the unforgotten gelding “Magister“, Ulrich Meyer zu Bexten rode to an impressive career that took him from a more rural equestrian scene to the international show-jumping circuit in the 1970s and 1980s, including 27 starts in Nation’s Cups alone. The thought of hosting a children and youth competition at the Bexter Hof arose after his active athletic career with its numerous positive show experiences. Together with international course designer Frank Rothenberger, the idea of the “German Friendships“ was born.

Ulrich Meyer zu Bexten was honoured for his success as a show-jumping rider and “competition initiator“ with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, bestowed by the prime minister of North Rhine Westphalia, in 2009.




Ever since his childhood, Lars’ brother Ulf has always had a passion for agriculture.

With the management of a large agricultural business in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a long-cherished dream came true for him and his wife Josefine 15 years ago. 

Additionally, the passionate hunter was able to find extensive hunting grounds in the vast extent of the Feldberger lake country, which fulfills all of his huntsman’s expectations.    

Today, their children, Leonhard, Laetitia, and Ludwig also enjoy “their“ Bexter Hof in Neugarten.

Ulf  + Josefine + Kinder Meyer zu Bexten




Ulrich’s brother, Jochen Meyer zu Bexten, working as a lawyer in Herford, and his family also share hunting ambitions for which the Bexter Hof and its surroundings offer ideal conditions. And even though the large family appreciates their own space on the extensive property: the doors are always open for a neighborly visit with Jochen, Susanne, and Felix. Collectively, the family members have become indispensable, when it comes to their willingness to take over varying tasks at the ”German Friendship“.   

Meyer zu Bexten Jochen Susanne Sohn Felix








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